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2 years ago
Matthew Bourne Playlist for EYOE

The ever-excellent Matthew Bourne (playing for us at the end of the month at Cafe OTO) has kindly made us a playlist via the magic of YouTube to shed some light on his influences, likes and more. Take a look below and read comments from Matthew to unravel this fascinating glimpse.

1. Gotye: Somebody That I Used to Know

This was introduced to me by friend and fellow motorcycling companion Paul Bolderson just the other day. I was drawn in: it’s catchy, they have good voices, I like the lyrics…

2. Etta James & Dr. John: I’d Rather go Blind

Etta James’s voice always sends shivers down my spine and this particular performance is no exception to that. The onstage chemistry between James and Dr. John is beautiful…

3. Luther VanDross: A House is Not a Home

An appreciation for VanDross (and also The Commodores, Johnny Mathis, Phil Spector and the 80’s records of Quincy Jones) is something I attribute to having absorbed them through my mother’s hifi from a young age. This gratuitously, over-the-top rendition of a Bacharach’s classic song is one of my guilty pleasures…

4. Meshuggah: New Millennium Cyanide Christ

From one of the best bands I have ever seen live (and indeed the best gig I have ever seen) is amongst my favourite Meshuggah songs (from Chaosphere), although I find it very difficult to chose a single favourite from their work in general (although the track Bleed from obZen is tempting…). obZen, Catch 33, I, Nothing and Chaosphere are all excellent. Note that no expense was spared in the making of this video.

5. Chris Morris: Brass Eye (unseen interview with David Sullivan)

Being a huge Chris Morris fan, I was delighted to see this unused Brass Eye scene with David Sullivan. I don’t know how Morris managed to keep a straight face. Genius…


Some of my mates making music together.

7. Scott Walker: Jolson and Jones

Without equal. Visually not the most engaging YouTube video in the world but given the music, visual stimulation is irrelevant.

8. Bat For Lashes: Sad Eyes

A song that saved me from throwing away the love of my life once upon a time. I am a hopeless sentimentalist and I don’t give a fuck who knows it.

9. John Zorn: Interview 2007 - ROVA Arts - Internet Archive

(NOTE: Sadly, Matthew Bourne’s original idea for John Zorn was taken down before we could post, so the video above is a substitute for the video here:

It’s difficult not to underestimate the influence that John Zorn’s music, thoughts and aesthetic has had on my own approach to music over the last 10 years or so; and was lucky enough to perform with him at The Stone (NYC) in 2010 - a lifelong dream realised. This interview is an important document and should be watched by anyone interested in the creative process/music making/living life as a human being.

10. Igor Stravinsky: Lullaby and Final Hymn from The Firebird

I find it almost impossible not to shed a tear during the Final Hymn. This is some fantastic footage of Stravinsky himself conducting one of his most well-known works.

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